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Celebration of Men and Sacred Masculine #Movember

USA – I’m Rachel Gedney, as proud Mother to my adult son and to all the Nice Guys who want to step up to be Good Men. This is for you in Celebration of Men and Sacred Masculine; I adore you!  You make me a more feminine, yet balanced, woman for knowing you. 

The Masculine in you & Me

I love my Masculine, in sport where I’m very competitive with great spatial awareness and precision. And of course as a serial entrepreneur (business now conducted in Dresses, particularly Maxi Dresses – ditched the suits long ago!) 😉

HH The Dalai Lama, in his speech during the Vancouver Peace Summit, September 2009, has oft been quoted as saying, “The world will be saved by the Western Woman”. I feel this to be accurate in my experience as a Western Woman fully embracing her Divine Feminine/Goddess/Queen. Hence my recent shift from leading my gorgeous Goddesses in Divine Feminine to guiding adorable Men in Sacred Masculine. 

The Wisdom Mentor to Men

Men have long pleaded with me; I listened and when ready, opened the doors of my business to them.  It is my honor, but more importantly my inherent gift to guide men to reach their highest potential. To be balanced men, free from shame, judgement, guilt and blame.  I was literally born to deliver these valuable experiences to help shift humanity to a new level.  So it unfolds.

Every human inherently has masculine and feminine characteristics within, regardless of gender.  In Male form they usually have more masculine traits than feminine, and vice versa.  Thus, Males have more testosterone, which is the primary sex hormone, making them stronger physically due to the ease of building muscle.  In females it is Estrogen as the main sex hormone.  Regardless of gender, we as humans can bring to balance these characteristics within us, learning how to tap into valuable traits associated with the opposite sex.  In this manic, modern world, this is an invaluable skill.

Guiding men to rise alongside our divine feminine, it’s not about moving the power balance from Masculine to Feminine.  Relevance here being to balance Masculine and Feminine within, creating equilibrium in the world.  Everything begins and ends with self.  To that end, we must travel deep within to the core of our wounds to heal ourselves and then the world.  It is a process.

What’s More

It is true that fewer men than women are prepared to delve that deep; it takes strength, courage, bravery beyond comprehension to come face-to-face with Shadow Self.  This is an archetype that forms part of the unconscious mind and is composed of repressed ideas, instincts, impulses, weaknesses, desires, perversions and embarrassing fears.

Greeting your Inner Child and accepting that they run the show until you are ready for otherwise!  This is the childlike aspect of a person’s psyche, especially when viewed as an independent entity or another way of describing it, a person’s supposed original or true self, especially when regarded as concealed in adulthood.

That said, men don’t have anyone to open themselves up to and be truly vulnerable. Society and long held (false) belief systems, dictate they keep everything within, control their feelings and emotions (until they explode or implode). They’re made to believe that it’s weak to show their ‘feminine’ side. 

How Men Keep Silent

They don’t do groups the way females do, nor do they talk to their friends, family or loved ones.  But they do feel comfortable letting me in to their world and sharing their deepest fears, hopes, dreams, secrets, desires, wants and needs. My male client base keeps growing more than ever before.

The following is my WHY ….

The role of ‘counsellor/psychologist’ came easy to me, becoming clear whilst at school, where most people came to seek counsel with me; particularly boys.  The usual response to my advice/guidance was “How did you get to be so wise so young?!”  Long story short, I chose a different career. However, mentoring, guidance, counseling is ever present in my professional and personal life.

Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

My Relationships with Men

Having gone through an acrimonious divorce, supporting my son alone and attracting emotionally unavailable men (yes, I had a pattern too). You may see how I felt incapable of helping others if my own relationships were terrible!  It made me ill, yet I knew I had the power within to alter my life.  Healing and studying have been constant throughout my life, learning from my history.  I go deep, emotionally and spiritually.

It was the toxic relationship that gave me the impetus to rid myself of my pattern to attract my desired man … a King to my Queen no less.  That’s when the Divine Feminine entered my life, swiftly followed by Divine Masculine.  Divine Feminine is an energy that has been with us since ancient times.  Consciousness is basically divided up into the ‘masculine’ side and the ‘feminine’ side, and we need both to achieve our highest creative potential.  In other words, the Divine Feminine represents the connection to the part of your consciousness responsible for nurture, intuition, and empathy, regardless of your gender. The Divine Feminine is the aspect of the self, associated with “creation, intuition, community, sensuality (felt sense rather than thinking sense), and collaboration.” 

Divine/Sacred Masculine is fearless, courageous and loyal.  He is our guardian protector.  When in balance, the masculine protector does no harm.  His gentle strength brings harmony and peace to where there was conflict and separation.  He knows his power but does not abuse or misuse it.  He is a leader and is not afraid to speak the truth even if others disagree.  Also, he’s courageously fierce in standing for what is right, not afraid of the unknown and enjoys adventure and exploring new territory.  He believes in himself and knows he will succeed if his intentions are clear and actions aligned. 

Within what now seems like the blink of an eye, yet in hindsight had been in motion eons before we entered this life, my Soul Twin and I were reunited. 

Soul Connections

This powerful Soul Connection is on a higher level of consciousness, receiving exactly what we asked for!  God to my Goddess!  I experienced a Kundalini Awakening, moving up another level of awareness.  It was through this beautiful gift of a connection that I accepted my time had come to step up and play BIG, no more hiding!  Men needed me!  Business Plan and direction altered to reflect this.  Woman on a Global Mission!

Sadly, he recently passed away; we merged as we are one soul, and I honor our eternal connection by not allowing his death to be in vain.  He, like so many wonderful Men I know, felt incapable of living his truth, being vulnerable, having his needs met for fear of being seen as weak or selfish.  Except when he was with me.  It was so easy being together.  To be completely seen, known, felt and heard, the moment you meet another human is nothing short of magical.  Love in its purest form.  No expectations.

Reverse psychology!  When we make taking care of ourselves a priority and it originates from a place of integrity, truth, vulnerability is the most unselfish human act of all.  Self-love, self-worth and self-pleasure!

Radiance is the greatest gift I can bestow on the world, as a Leader of Women in Divine Feminine and Guide for Men in Sacred Masculine.  If you want an Awakened Man you had better be ready as an Awakened Woman!  I am one of a few on a Global Mission to awaken more Men to step up into their Masculine (not macho!)  Will you step up into your Radiance, and join me in Celebrating Good Men whilst surreptitiously nudging Nice Guys to move up into the Good Man role?

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Rachel Gedney

“Do it Big, Do it Right and Do it with Style!” ~ Fred Astaire

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Rachel Gedney is a Modern Goddess and High Priestess, founder of The Wisdom Mentor and House of Feminine. She’s also Co-Founder of Relationship Awakening and all Conscious Businesses.  She is an International Mentor, Guiding Men and Women to Improve their Relationships & Health, Gain Deeper Connections and bring fourth the Intimacy they Desire, balancing their Masculine and Feminine within themselves.  Thus, positively impacting their Health, Wellness, all Relationships and Business, harmonizing mind, body, spirit.

Her Humanitarian endeavors are supporting Abolishing Human Trafficking for which she is immensely passionate.

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Celebration of Men and Sacred Masculine #Movember

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