October 23, 2020

Breakthrough in Business Coach, Samentha Beryl Jabini

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS – Samentha, Beryl Jabini is an  entrepreneur, business coach & speaker. She specializes in Sales, marketing, time management and branding. Originally from South America, Suriname and raised in Amsterdam, Samentha had her first job at the age of 13 years old.  And, at 18 yearly old, started a home care company.  SB has over a decade of business experience and has identified what causes people to fail and not reach their potential in business. She works with people between the ages of 21 & 58 years old. Proving that intelligence, wisdom and skills, have no age.

Exclusive Q&A with Samentha, Beryl Jabini

We had the honor of getting an exclusive interview and sat with Samentha to understand her journey and entrepreneurial mind.

Q: Who is Samentha, Beryl Jabini?

A: I’m a business coach who aims for a specific type of coaching. The kind of coaching I want to deliver aims at getting people to achieve their dreams and to accomplish what they want in any aspect of a business; to give people a breakthrough to do what it is that is inside of them.

Q:  Who is the type of person that you can help with their business? Is it a newbie who is still employed and aspires to build a personal business? Or is it an entrepreneur with a startup? Or is it a well-established business owner?

A: What matters above all else is passion. Any of these three types of client won’t reach their goal without it; it’s all about the passion you have toward doing something. I coach people to channel their personal beliefs in order to get things done.

Q: Would you consider yourself as a type of mediator; Someone who facilitates connections?

A: One of the things that I can do is to get in contact with the right people who can help my clients get to the next level in their industry. I specialize in Sales and Marketing. However, I have to work together with someone who is already successful within my client’s industry so that I can effectively help them.

Q: What are your strengths as a Business Coach?

A: First and foremost is Mind-shift, which is to get the client to change their mindset, perception, and way of thinking. If that doesn’t change then we’ll get nowhere. My other strengths lie in Marketing, Sales, Branding, and Time Management.

Q: Who is your target audience?

A: I would say Newbies who seek starting their own business; those who want to transition from employment to owning a business. As well as startup business owners.

Q: Briefly, what are the steps you take your clients through to get them prepared?

A: First we have to start off with a business plan. We go through a lot of research in order to understand the industry and the market it operates in and how to succeed in it. We then arrange the necessary steps for the business to get started and try and build it to the level where the client can handle it on their own. Later on, they can always ask for assistance, but what I first aim to do is to push them to get through the initials steps of starting a business. I take them to courses, workshops, and events just to get them to gain the business know-how.

Q: Do you create the business plan with them, or do they come to you with a prepared plan?

A: The client and I, we create the business plan together; one that is specific to their industry.

Q: How is it that you can work with any industry?

A: I want to coach my clients. In order to do that, I must know what it is exactly that they want. I  give them the mindshift they need so that they can do it. I can’t limit myself to one, two, or three industries. They are my clients; I have to be well-informed about what they want. Plus, I like building my knowledge about different industries.

Q: What qualifies you to be able to change someone’s mindset?

A: My personality. I believe anything can be done. If you show someone that you can put your time and effort in their life, they will start believing in you. They will know that they won’t have to go through anything on their own. I’ll give you a small example; last week I was in London for the JT Foxx event, and I met this lady who’s trying to start her own company. I was just coaching a woman from The Netherlands, pushing her to start, and she did. She started her business because someone started to push her to do it. I believe we can do anything, if we believe we can.

Q: How long is the setup period with one of your clients?

A: Normally, it takes about six months. Some of my clients achieve faster results and then proceed with the plan on their own. 

Q: Is your client still employed during these six months?

A: No, not for the entire duration. If they show results faster than usual, then they have the option to leave and quit their job. However, I don’t encourage that. It’s not always necessary to quit your job.

Q: In your opinion, when is the most convenient time to quit your job and start directing all your focus to your personal business? 

A: I think that you have to first make sure that you are creating a monthly income that exceeds your salary as an employee. Only then can you start thinking about quitting your job, or better yet, working less. That way you can put more time and effort into your business. Always start off with dividing your time between both. Ask yourself: Do I get a bigger outcome? What is the effect of giving more time to my business? Does it grow?

Q: Does it matter where your client is? Are you only working with people in The Netherlands or do you work with client from different areas in the world? How do you work with a client abroad?

A: With technology you can reach everybody nowadays. And if I happen to be in the same area as my clients, I always make an appointment to meet them.

Q: What advice do you have for people who need to start a business but don’t know where to begin? 

A: I would tell them [clients] to get out of their comfort zone and start somewhere. If you don’t have the money, then start where you can start.

Q: How long have you been doing this? What results have you gotten from others?

A: I come from a home of entrepreneurs. My mother is an entrepreneur, she was a nurse, but she started her own company; a home-care business. I was sixteen and I would help her run her business when she was at the hospital. At the age of 18 I started my own company and built it with everything my mother had taught me. I was working as a freelance nurse (in The Netherlands it’s considered a personal business), but at some point, I didn’t feel like it was my own business because it wasn’t my dream. It didn’t feel like a business because I was given directions and assignments by someone else. While, in my own business, I can change things the way I want.

My mother recently attended one of my coaching sessions. Afterwards, she told me that she has always had a dream to start a Christian bookstore. I started coaching her and planning a strategy with her, and in a matter of one week she was sitting in her bookstore, and everything was up and going. That made her very happy, even though the home-care business was more successful. I think sometimes we have the assumption that we have to have a financially successful business in order to be happy.  Actually, some people don’t like that. Some people find accomplishment in doing what they want to do and not because they want to gain success out of it.

Q: Will you be having any upcoming Events or Masterminds?

A: I just had a couple of events last month. I will be giving Masterclasses at the end of this month. I currently give lessons in the Netherlands in Dutch. But I’m working on preparing online lessons to reach a wider audience in the future.

Samentha Beryl Jabini is an inspiring young entrepreneur who is a product of her own coaching. Connect with SB Jabini on her Facebook page or visit www.sbjabini.com

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Breakthrough in Business Coach, Samentha Beryl Jabini

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