Sat. Aug 24th, 2019

Being in Business Funded my University Fees

KZN, SA – My name is Mbalenhle Zondo born in Tugela Ferry and grew up at Elenge Enzimane. Area a deep rural area best believe it we still get water from the river and we don’t have electricity.  But that has not stopped me from pursuing my goals.  I am Mbalenhle Zondo and being in business really changed my life.

Where I come from

Only certain home’s have electricity, those who can afford to install it at their own expense. We do our laundry by the river. I’m grateful that I’m a part of this community, this up bringing doesn’t determine my ending.

I completed matric (senior high school), had my share of ups and down ended up arriving in Durban to study. All went well but during the year things started getting difficult. I could see that at home it was getting harder. There was no other choice, I had to do something because I was the one who wanted to study and have a bring future.

Business is the solution, but start where you are

I would just like to encourage young people, let us not blame our backgrounds, the government or our parents for our own failures.  I started thinking of ideas on how to make money and not the easy way out. 

I believe that if you are honest even God Himself will send people to direct you. He will guide you Himself and I had faith that things will get better.  I knew I would make it.

That is why I started empowering myself to always go for what I want. Even after graduating I didn’t see myself struggling financially or unemployed. So I started selling designer shoes and looked at what other opportunities are there.  I would look at what is in season like bags, shoes and it got to point we’re I discovered that weaves are in demand. As a result, I sold hair too.

I pursued selling it and it worked well. Later I registered a company called Prospering Nations (PTY) LTD where I deal with Supplying and Trades. It’s a journey but by faith it’s getting there, one step at a time.

Believe, Work-hard and Prosper

I believe that through my success everyone around me has to prosper in one way or another. I want to be able to touch peoples lives with a massive impact.  To leave a mark in this world one day. That’s my assignment, I want to develop my area by creating job opportunities. Bringing hope to those who have lost it, young or old but that’s a story for another day.

I’m leaving no stone unturned with my life. I will fight each and everyday to discover my full potential because life has so much to offer.

Be Brave, Pace Yourself

Life is a journey, that we are all meant to walk in our own pace. We all face challenges along the way but what’s important is your response to those obstacles. The most important thing that one should do is to always have an overcoming spirit.

Secondly, have self-confidence. Confidence is the answer to all the questions that have been bothering you for years. Doubt can tell you you’ve had your chances but not this time around, just give up.

Hope always worshipers deep down from within you, telling you get up ,you can do it better this time. Do you hear that voice? Listen carefully to it. Here you have a choice whether to stay on the ground or to raise and run again.

Challenge Accepted?

I challenge you to choose to rise up and run your race. There is so much hope awaiting you. At the end of every tunnel there is light.

There is so much potential in you, just don’t give up! Do you release how much value you carry? The world is waiting for you, to hear all the wonderful ideas. To experience gifts you have, none can ever do it as better as you will do it.

You are the only expert in that gift, do you recognize the beauty within you? Rise, get up!

I understand the pain you’ve been through but this is the right time to close that chapter. You can not function on your past. It has nothing to offer, you were born to conquer. That little faith you have is all that is required to unlock your potential. 

I am Mbalenhle Zondo, and I believe in you!

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Being in Business Funded my University Fees

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