September 18, 2020

Edwina Delamore

About Edwina I am Edwina Delamore, the founder of CSG Wealth a Personal Finance education and training company based in Europe. I have 15 + years of experience in banking and project management. I am in the process of bringing out a book and also the creator of short Personal Finance E-Book Videos. Lastly, I am the Personal Finance columnist with Her Grit Magazine, based in Durban South Africa I speak and educate women on the importance of Personal Finance as it is my belief, the only way to stop the money mismanagement, poor decision making and living monthly pay-check to pay-check is through education. We are living in unprecedented times and many women are earning very healthy incomes, but still have difficulties "Keeping and Growing" their money.

Heritage and Women’s Wealth by Edwina Delamore

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