Tue. Dec 18th, 2018

Edwina Delamore

About Edwina I am Edwina Delamore, the founder of CSG Wealth a Personal Finance education and training company based in Europe. I have 15 + years of experience in banking and project management. I am in the process of bringing out a book and also the creator of short Personal Finance E-Book Videos. Lastly, I am the Personal Finance columnist with Her Grit Magazine, based in Durban South Africa I speak and educate women on the importance of Personal Finance as it is my belief, the only way to stop the money mismanagement, poor decision making and living monthly pay-check to pay-check is through education. We are living in unprecedented times and many women are earning very healthy incomes, but still have difficulties "Keeping and Growing" their money.

If I Were A Rich Wo(man) by Edwina Delamore

BELGIUM – Hi everyone, it’s Edwina Delamore again and I am Personal Finance professional. I remember


If I Were A Rich Wo(man) by Edwina Delamore

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