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#AskHim Challenge Accepted by Dani Gunadi

California, USA – I’m Daniel Gunadi, a serial entrepreneur. My clients and partners are 80% women. I have a wonderful wife who is also my best friend for 32 years.  We are married for 22 years. I’m also a leader in Saddleback Church (ps Rick Warren), and lead/co-lead with women. My late mother shaped my life (long story); but she loved me unconditionally.

My professional roles are;

  • Founding Partner for John Maxwell Team – worldwide leadership team with over 22,000 certified coach/leaders/speakers.  I am also a certified Business Coach.
  • Founding Partner for Global Impact Alliance – worldwide technology company specializing in Digital and Robotic Automation
  • Managing Partner for Accelerated US Relocation Services – provide service in migration and relocation to the United States through Investments
  • Managing Partner for US Immigration Assimilation Centers – National non-profit organization helping immigrants to fully integrate in the US.

#AskHim Q & A with Daniel Gunadi

1. Men are said to be weary of doing business with women these days, they’re scared of being sued for sexual harassment. What do you really think about women who are in leadership positions or own a business?  

I totally love and would love to work with any women leaders. In fact, most of the people I work with are in leadership positions.  

And, how do you think women should conduct themselves around you as a man?

I don’t see any issue with any misconduct all. They treat me with dignity and respect, as I do to them.

2. Is it true that men are intimated by powerful women and prefer “weak” damsel in distress type of females?

I am sure that there are men out there that feel intimidated. I personally think that these men are in the wrong line of business and should settle for a job like washing puppies. LOL…

3. Do you think that women are as “innocent” as the world portrays them?  

Not all women.  Again, this is generalization term that is not true. 

Men are bashed everyday for multiple reasons.  Do you think it is fair at all?

Some men deserve to be bashed.  But I do believe there is some hidden agenda in systematically destroying the image of men. I cannot speculate as to why or who.

4. How do you as man want to be treated by women you work with AND in a romantic relationship?

With dignity and respect. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you. 

5. How should women respond to men who ask for sexual favors? 


But still fear being treated badly by the boss, lose their job or not get a business deal?

This is why I think some (insecure) women become enablers and will eventually play victim. Insecurities lead to compromise, which leads to enabling, thus victimization.

6. Why is it that most men are willing to buy expensive gifts, vacations and alcohol for a woman but won’t invest in her business idea?

Both my wife and I invested in our business ideas.  So this doesn’t apply to me.  But I have to guess, again, this is because of insecurity fro men. Which is enabled by insecure women. It’s a cycle.

7. Why is it that men find it so hard to communicate, show and share their fears with their romantic partners?

Men in general are not too expressive and afraid of being rejected.  Pride and insecurity also play role. I communicate a bit too much. My wife told that I have more words in a day than her LoL. 

8. Why is a woman cheating so “unforgivable” to a man, when men cheat all the time?

Again, this is a generalized statement. Men don’t cheat “all the time”. I have never, ever ever ever cheated on my wife. From the time I dated her, until today. By God’s Grace I will not cheat on her. If we work on our relationship, the outside temptation will not easily get to us.

9. Do you think it’s better that a woman tells you how she wants you to make love to her? OR Does it make you feel insecure?

I love for my wife to tell me; I am here to bring her a wholesome love.  Telling me what to do and how to do it, is part of communication.  Yeah, we are still hot for each other (TMI?)

10. Do you find easy or hard to talk about debt with your romantic partner at all?

Harder than other topics.

11. How do men handle their finance/money different to women?

We have joint accounts so we know each other’s finance.

12. Does it matter how long a woman decides to make you as a man wait for sex if getting into a relationship?

My wife made me wait for a few years for sex…LOL…Yep, she is that good! 

13. Is there anything, business or personal that women do that is extremely annoying to men, that they aren’t unaware of?

I think women (in general) attach their self-worth to their career a bit too much. So when criticism occurs towards their performance/ideas. It is harder for women to separate who they are from what they do.

14. Do you think that women are still victims of society or are they becoming bullies without knowing?  WHY?

Either or. But some are jumping too easily on the bandwagon.

15. Do you feel disempowered by women or do you feel men still hold ALL the power?

I see us as equals.

16. Should men still be the head of household, WHY?

Head of the household yes…not positional, but as a role. The word of God told us to protect, love, sacrifice, die for, embrace women as Christ did to the Church.  I don’t make this more complicated than it is. Again, not positional but role. Think of Christ and the Church.

17. What are some of the “tell signs” of a man in love with a woman?

He will do anything (including stupid things) for the woman.

18. October is also a month of International girl child day.  Do you think girls and women are given more attention than boys and men?  

Not in the United States of America. Maybe in other countries because of culture.

What would you say to both girls and boys, advice you’d give them to make the future much better than world we live in today?

Boys and girls are created for different purposes, and different roles.  Jobs are not roles, roles are what’s unique about the sexes.

Women (in general) are more instinctively motherly. Caring. Great listeners.

Men (in general) are conquerers, problem solvers.

Example; our two sons (in college now), would call their mom to get assurance, comfort, etc.  I can give that too, but with the twist of ‘solving their problem’.

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#AskHim Challenge Accepted by Dani Gunadi

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