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Malebo Ngope, Founder of MLB Photography

African Photographer goes Global

JOHANNESBURG – I’m Malebo Ngope, founder of MLB Photography. My business started in 2014 after I purchased my very first camera and fell in love with the craft. This was a time in my life where I was trying to figure out the direction my future would take. Since then, the brand has grown immensely. I have covered shoots for magazines, billboards and renowned newspapers.  Furthermore, we are soon launching a global stock photography website which will focus on telling African stories to the world, by Africans.  Being a photographer has many benefits. Read more

Why visual arts

MLB photography promotes living, loving and ultimately capturing those moments. We specialize in portraits, photography and various other types.

I like experimenting with colors and shooting styles. My clients are unique and appreciate the finer things in life. I studied advanced photography through ‘Digital Photography Courses’, although most of my talent is self-taught. The great teachers at DPC fueled my passion for visual arts immensely. Because I am a social entrepreneur, I aspire to teach and birth many great photographers in the generation behind us.

Photo: MLB Photography

Being a Photographer in the SA Industry

The South African photography industry is growing rapidly, thanks to the constant evolution of technology and the great photographers dominating the scene. The aim is to create a brand that will attract potential investors from all over the world, mobilizing African photographers to become ambassadors for their country through photography.

The future of African photography is destined for global greatness, I believe that Africa has not been explored and portrayed positively, the trajectory of photography in Africa should be redesigned and there is a lot of beauty to be seen and captured.

Also, I would like to launch a studio in Cape Town, I love the creative process in visual arts and would like to explore the city of Cape Town with my photography and create a space where upcoming young photographers can explore their talents and grow.

Photo: MLB Photograpy

Change and recognition

Leaving the corporate world to be a full-time professional photographer and businesswoman has been a euphoric journey. I envisage my brand MLB Photography excelling in the global space and changing stereotypes around women in the industry. Most of all, drive recognition to women in entrepreneurship to a larger scale.

My desire to conquer my wildest dreams is what keeps me going through the many challenges I face as a young woman in South Africa. Not only as a photographer but also as a woman of color.  I strongly believe in the power of not giving up and working hard towards your goals every single day.

In conclusion, photography is a fun industry and I do not view it as ‘work’. Due to being  privileged enough to be living my dream and I’m extremely grateful.

The most important business lesson I can offer entrepreneurs is that you should always keep your eye on the prize. Never give up and always fuel your desires. Stay passionate and positive about your future. Anything is possible.

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Instagram – @Photographybymlb

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African Photographer goes Global

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