Thu. Sep 19th, 2019


Her Grit Magazine exists to inspire, inform and impact women of all color globally, through content.  The women we feature are confident and show great strength in character.  I am so proud to launch this publication because it stands for so much more than what’s out there.  Unlike other magazines that focus on celebrities, H.G.M is for extraordinary women who live “ordinary” lives.

Say WoW!

We’ve had record growth since our launch and are now officially a global magazine.  That’s right, a Her Grit Magazine article is being read in over 23 countries in counting.

We’ve also just welcomed our Guest Contributor Edwina Delamore – Founder of CSG Wealth , from Belgium.

And are still taking in more Contributors from all over the world.  Email: for more information.

Who is a woman with Grit?

Here’s a short answer in the picture below…but to really get to understand who we are and possibly, who YOU are.  Read this short intro! 



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