September 18, 2020

A Business Coach Doesn’t Cost Money

BELGIUM – Can I afford a Business Coach? The truth is if you ask that question, chances are you need one. Maya Angelou once said, “When you know better, do better!” Now I am no business coach, but  having been coached myself, I can tell you for fact; once you are open to someone guiding you, it can turn on a lightbulb and give you the ‘Ah Ha’ moment you so long for.

Why Get A Business Coach?

If you have a small to medium sized company, see it as an investment into you and your company’s future. Some might get confused and think investing is only for monetary gain and therefore wonder what it has to do with business coaching.

When someone starts a company, it becomes an extension of themselves and ultimately reflects the value they hold dear. Therefore, the right Business Coach can add value, by helping to find the correct strategies that can get one to scale their business.

They say to make money; you have to spend money, but one of the biggest obstacles that stops many from investing in getting a Business Coach, is the lack of money! This is where personal finance plays an important role, as it makes it easy to have choice.

A person who has his or her personal finances in order and has the means to make any choice of Business Coach, but what about someone who doesn’t have such resources, can they still afford Business Coaching?

What’s the investment?

The word ‘Invest’ comes from the Latin word ‘Vestis’, which mean Clothe. See, already it had nothing to do with money. According to Google, clothe back in the 16th century had to do with a rank of the authority level. To get a good understanding of life back then, I’d recommend reading the book, ‘The Richest Man of Babylon’.

Some time later, people used the phrase, “act of putting on vestments” and it’s only during the 18th century we start to see the combined word (Invest + Ment) being used as ‘conversion of money to property in hopes of profit’ – source:

Scale up…

Knowledge, Empowerment and Freedom these are the pillars of CSG Wealth… How does this help you achieve the goal of getting a Business Coach; well it’s time to scale up!

  • Get Knowledge: If money is an issue, you can start by using the different social media platform(s) and find a Business Coach you can relate to.
  • Empowerment: As you improve your finances, you can sign up for a smaller package of the Business Coach you identify with or visit an event they are taking part of.
  • Freedom: Find out the cost of group and/or one-on-one coaching and save towards this. It may take some time, but when achieved you can take the money you have and sign up to your chosen coaching package.

We live in a time when everyone wants it NOW! But there is a gratifying feeling when you must work hard to achieve a goal, especially when a significant amount of money is required.

Please don’t say it’s easier said than done, because I’ve done exactly what I am asking you to do. I scaled up and the achievement was unbelievable!


Becoming an entrepreneur means you believe you have the solution to a problem that you can solve. But no one can do it alone and that is why I don’t like the word “Solopreneur”. A Business Coach might not be in your reach now, but there are steps you can take and goals you can set.

To start you off, below are coaches I follow on Instagram:

  • Malcom ‘MJ’ Harris @mjharrisspeaks
  • Boniface Ogunti @bonifaceogunti
  • JT Foxx @jtfoxofficial
  • Stella Bida @stellabida

“The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step” ~ Lao Tzu

About the Her Grit Magazine columnist

Edwina Delamore is the owner of CSG Wealth a personal finance company teaching clients how to move from ‘Money Stress to Building a Financial Legacy’. She is also a speaker and a columnist at Her Grit Magazine, a South African based global magazine that celebrates women of all color and diversity. 

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A Business Coach Doesn't Cost Money

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